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Intruder alarms

Whether you are fitting a system with a built in digital communicator or require a graded coms panel, we can look after you to make sure your site is covered. We work closely with Emizon, CSL Dualcom and BT Redcare to offer you the best solution that suits your needs. When you come to connect we will help you walk test the site to ensure false signals are kept to a minimum and to confirm all triggers are firing as expected.

As we work to the highest standards we can accept URNs and naturally recommend supporting these sites by letting us monitor CCTV on site to aid the emergency services in confirming the level of response and to prevent false alarms.

We will also accept alarm panels being used to trigger other alerts so you can have a cost effective solution and as we also recognise the SIA format you can be assured of the right information when you need it.


Hardware & Monitoring When you need a communicator and monitoring, we supply it all.

Flexibility Tell us how the site is configured & we work to your plan.

Trusted NSI Gold, SSAIB and PSA Certified – you know we do it right!

No Set Up Fees No fees to set up for new sites.

No Premium Rate Numbers We charge standard rate for all units inc. digital communicators.

All the Grades We support up to Grade 4.

CCTV Monitoring

When our team receive a trigger alert they will be looking at the site within seconds, evaluating what has caused the activation and deciding the best course of action to pro-actively protect property and assets. The response we provide is in accordance with the instructions given by the site so you know we are doing what you have asked for e.g. if you ask for Police response that is what we’ll request.

Insurance companies often ask for an audio challenge for any intruder and we provide this for you as a free service, scaring off an intruder before damage is incurred, not just an automated message, our operators notify those on site they are being actively watched encouraging them to leave promptly.

We look at your site whenever we get an alert and we tell you what we are doing. By offering regular reports you get complete transparency to know what we do for you. If there is a hardware problem such as image loss or obscured view, we notify the installer immediately so it can be attended to – far better than finding out about a failed camera, at the actual time when you are retrieving evidence!

‘Do you have visual verification?’

‘Do you have visual verification?’ This question comes back to us often from emergency control rooms across the country when we notify an intruder or fire alarm. This confirms if a response is required and what is happening currently also additional information such as how many people, where they gained access and how they arrived, or where the seat of the fire is.